Chapter 2: The Discovery Process

How the Pros Do It: Sonoma County Responds to Shifting Traveler Priorities

Fahlgren Mortine worked with Sonoma County Tourism in 2022 to encourage more tourism following the pandemic. Consumer priorities had shifted and research showed an increased consumer focus on personal wellness, authenticity and connecting deeply to culture and community, equity, responsibility and sustainability.


Sonoma County Tourism also needed to refine its core audience and target travelers who were open to wellness that was both personal and collective. Fahlgren Mortine helped SCT identify a specific “responsible traveler” audience and included demographic breakdown, behaviors and motivations of this audience to be considered across all campaign activities.


Targeting this audience, SCT launched a “Life Opens Up” campaign that positioned the destination as a place where life could open up following the pandemic through one-of-a-kind experiences. They showcased Sonoma County’s sustainable food and wine offerings, robust mix of outdoor activities, unique and immersive wellness experiences and laid back luxury. The campaign resulted in more visitors and higher spending from visitors in Sonoma County as well as media coverage on SCT’s focus on responsible travel and sustainability.


View a Fahlgren Mortine case study to learn more about the campaign’s success.


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