Chapter 4: Strategic Messaging

How the Pros Do It: Tapping Into TikTok to Target Young Teachers

When McGraw Hill Education wanted to prioritize young, tech-savvy teachers in its upcoming communications strategy, Geben turned to TikTok for a fun and impactful influencer campaign that caused website visits to skyrocket.


McGraw Hill historically targets school system decision makers, but wanted to explore a direct-to-consumer strategy with the rise of virtual learning and adaptive learning programs during COVID.


Geben identified and secured 11 education influencers and worked with McGraw Hill to give them access to the adaptive learning programs. The influencers created a video on TikTok explaining their teaching experience during COVID and how McGraw Hill’s programs are impactful for teachers and students. Geben amplified influencer videos and drove additional traffic to the product website through a series of TikTok ads using the influencer-generated content.


The combination of influencer videos and TikTok ads drove nearly 46,000 visits to the website. Learn more about Geben’s McGraw Hill campaign.


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