Chapter 13: Visual Messaging

Photographs, charts, cartoons, artwork, emojis, infographics and even color and font choices contribute to public relations and strategic messaging in a major way. Visual elements complement or even replace text in much of the messaging sent by brands on many platforms. Like other types of messaging, visuals must be consistent with the brand and focused on intended audiences and objectives to be effective.


Allie and Adam Lehman own The Wonder Jam, an agency that builds brands by supporting design, websites, logos, branding and photography needs.

Allie and Adam Lehman, The Wonder Jam
Allie and Adam Lehman, founders of The Wonder Jam, an agency specializing in branding, design and photography.

With a strong commitment to community, The Wonder Jam also offers classes and education to empower clients in these areas. Even with the agency’s strong focus on design, Allie Lehman is quick to note that “words and copy are so important.” She says the goal is to pair text with visual graphics and branding so that it stays consistent – if someone encounters that brand it seems recognizable and familiar. “Your brand is an idea that sticks in someone’s head. If something that you produce for a client gets put out months down the road, it still has that connection to what consumers saw months ago.”


In the video below, Allie Lehman talks about the most important considerations when creating and selecting visuals to send strategic messages.



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