From the moment the idea for this book emerged at a ramen lunch with former student Chelsea Hagan, collaboration was part of its DNA. Thanks to student Kaitlyn Edwards for a semester of brainstorming and legwork to get things started and student Anna Loss for the cover artwork. A big thank you also to the professionals included in this book, especially those featured in the videos who volunteered their time and expertise (and in many cases allowed me to invade their offices and homes). Much appreciation goes to videographer Adam Bey, who traipsed around Columbus with me to give students a glimpse into different corporate environments. And to my project manager Alexis Duffy with The Ohio State University Office of Distance Education and eLearning, who kept me on track and connected to other university professionals who could answer questions ranging from library database use to copyright law.


I thank the amazing School of Communication and PRSSA students at The Ohio State University for giving me a role as a teacher and mentor that blesses me beyond measure. I thank my husband and kids for the gift of time to pursue my passions. Love you all to the moon and back.



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