Chapter 4: Strategic Messaging

We live in a world of message overload. Phones buzz constantly with new emails, social media posts and app notifications. Ads bombard us in movie theaters, online, on the radio, in stores and walking down the street. With so many messages coming at us all the time, it takes serious strategy and creativity to cut through the clutter. You need to plug into what your audience realistically wants, cares about or needs, while staying true to your brand and keeping your goals the priority.


Heather Whaling is the founder and president of Geben Communication, an agency that specializing in public relations, social media (paid and organic), content marketing, and data analytics/insights. Geben works with clients ranging from a large pharmacy chain to a small brewery. Whaling says strategic and intentional messaging becomes a powerful tool in supporting a company’s larger business and brand objectives. Anytime Geben gets involved with a client she asks, “Looking back in six or nine months, what will make you say that hiring our firm was a good investment of resources?” This allows the agency to develop benchmarks and develop the messaging that will help us get the client to those goals.


In the video below, Whaling gives insight into the importance of strategic messaging and what the development of messages looks like at Geben Communication.


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