Chapter 12: Video Messaging

Role of Video Messaging in PR

Mark Love serves as video director at Ologie, a marketing and branding firm that specializes in higher education and K-12 clients.


Attention spans are short and growing shorter. Love knows from experience that people aren’t going to dive deep unless you catch them with something that’s interesting enough for them to want to dive deep. He says to be unique, be entertaining and get to the point quickly. “You have to get into the person’s brain quickly with something that is interesting and engaging and when they walk away they have to remember who you were that said it,” Love says.


Though Ologie helps share messaging in many different formats, Love says video is a component of almost everything they do because of its ability to engage people quickly.

Video is super important to everything that happens in communication nowadays. It’s about communicating singular ideas quickly to people.
– Mark Love









In the video below, Love talks about the role video plays in the stories Ologie helps its clients tell.



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