Chapter 10: Video Messaging

Role of Video Messaging in PR

Mark Love serves as video director at Ologie, a marketing and branding firm that specializes in higher education and K-12 clients. Though Ologie helps share messaging in many different formats, Love says video is a component of almost everything they do because of its ability to engage people quickly.

Video is super important to everything that happens in communication nowadays. It’s about communicating singular ideas quickly to people.
– Mark Love






In the video below, Love talks about the role video plays in the stories Ologie helps its clients tell.

Mark Love YouTube Interview

Ologie’s Mark Love talking about video messaging.

Love says Ologie focuses heavily on this idea of storytelling in its work for clients, whether the format is video or something else. But he’s quick to add that “every day that a project comes into the door, we want video to be a part of it. If you’re not considering video and digital in your strategy as far as your marketing efforts go, you’re going to be out of date or missing a fairly inexpensive, super high impact way to communicate with people. Because of that, we push it heavily.”

That doesn’t mean that you need extensive training in video shooting or production, but it does mean video should be one of the tools in the arsenal that you consider when choosing how and where to share a message. Along those lines, Ologie asks clients to focus less on what the ultimate video will look like and more on the problem they’re looking to solve. This might be the need to showcase a new part of the school or just show prospective students it’s a place “like you.” Ologie then looks for solutions that fit the client’s budget and personality.


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