Chapter 12: Video Messaging

How the Pros Do It: Gonzaga Experience “Unfolds” Leading Up to March Madness

In 2015, Gonzaga University approached Ologie about producing a video ad to run during March Madness, where the team was expected to do well. On a tight schedule, the Ologie team held a brainstorming session and came up with the concept of “unfolding.” It became a platform around the idea that This is Where it all Unfolds and told the story of Gonzaga as a place where students’ futures could unfold in many different ways and a place whose story keeps unfolding. The resulting video spot starts at the end of different student experiences and runs backward. It ran on TV during network coverage of the men’s and women’s West Coast Conference and NCAA basketball tournaments. The video spot as well as digital ads, print ads and a social media plan drove viewers to and the site was viewed more than 125,000 in a two-week period. Gonzaga expected a record-breaking freshman class the following fall. View an online case study for details of the campaign.


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