Chapter 12: Video Messaging

A few statistics to consider when discussing whether video should be included in the strategic message creation discussion:

  • A 2023 Hubspot study showed that 66% of consumers watched video content to learn about a brand or product.
  • YouTube has more than 2 billion unique monthly visitors and functions as the second-largest search engine in the world after Google.


Companies use many channels for video messaging. The length and type of content depends on the audience, the goal and where the video will appear. Organizations can also multi-purpose content, with longer-form content appearing on YouTube and shorter content becoming a television or social media ad for example.

The American Red Cross produced the award-winning long-form video “A Bloody Nightmare” to encourage viewers to donate blood. The video pokes fun at cliché horror movie scenes. and actress Neve Campbell of the Scream movies tells viewers that what’s really scary is that 50% of Americans like watching blood get spilled in horror movies while only 3% donate it.




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