Chapter 12: Video Messaging

How the Pros Do It: Eggs Across America

To recognize U.S. egg farmers’ contributions during the annual Hunger Action Month in September, the American Egg Board, the national marketing organization for America’s egg farmers, worked with Inspire PR Group to create a short video with participating egg farmers from across the nation. The Eggs Across America video highlighted the many contributions America’s egg farmers make to their local hunger relief providers.


The video was designed to educate American consumers about the outstanding contributions U.S. egg farmers made toward hunger relief. The video included critical messages, eye-catching animations and a call-to-action for viewers to support their local food bank. The video incorporated clips of real U.S. egg farmers “passing” an AEB-branded egg carton from coast-to-coast.


AEB leveraged the Virtual Pass Challenge video concept that was trending on social media at the time of production. It received nearly 10,000 views across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


Learn more about Inspire PR’s American Egg Board campaign.


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