Chapter 9: Social Content Creation

PR Pro Advice: Nathan Okuley, Digital Strategist

Advice for Students

The biggest opportunity for students is to own the digital landscape. I think there’s a lot of stomping grounds that haven’t been touched by traditional marketers or communicators and this generation of students specifically have grown up in this landscape and have used social media since being a child – they grew up with touch screens and all kinds of innovation and growth. They can step into existing environments and apply their perspective on digital. Don’t be afraid to work for free.

Go out and ask brands if you can provide consultation or provide a few hours working on their social streams. There are a lot of businesses in your neighborhood that could use your help with just an ounce of the strategy lens. Take risks. It’s a playground. You could start in social and end up in a variety of places but you’ve got to dive in. Also remember that your social media profiles from a personal perspective often have just as much weight as a resume might have.


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