Chapter 4: Strategic Messaging

Stay True to Your Brand

Messaging that feels consistent and “on-brand” goes a long way in helping an organization build strong relationships with its audiences. Geben looks back to information from discovery: how a client wants to be positioned, what they want to say, what words they want to be associated with or not associated with. A newsletter article, a social media post and a news release from an organization may focus on different topics for separate audiences, but they should all remain true to the brand.


Whaling says her team helps clients achieve consistency by encouraging them to think of their brand like a person. What other brands would it hang out with? What organizations would it be involved with? Where would it shop? What kind of car would it have? The answers to these questions help build a strong brand perspective and voice for written messages and imagery. “There’s messaging in terms of words and phrases and sentences we want to be saying, but there’s also the visual component of the brand we want to be conveying,” Whaling says.


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