Chapter 4: Strategic Messaging

Choose Channels With a Purpose

Messages vary based on the platform or combination of platforms where they will appear. Whaling recommends first understanding the audience and goal for each communication channel: who you are trying to target and what you are trying to convey.


Who are you trying to target?
This requires a solid understanding of who the audience is. Knowing where they get their information and understanding how they interact with different media vehicles guides messaging decisions. A younger, urban crowd might notice eye-catching wallscapes walking downtown and interact with brands and influencers on Instagram while an audience of working moms might spend more time on Facebook or reading blogs.


What are you trying to convey or accomplish?
Is it customer service, brand building, sales generation? Based on the goal, you can determine how to portray the content or share the imaging. You can make tweaks for each platform like adding a hashtag or removing words so the content feels like it was originally created for that channel.


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