Chapter 11: Urinary system


Please familiarize yourself with these keywords before you start reading the chapter:


Cortical labyrinth
Histologically apparent substructure of the renal cortex composed of glomeruli and proximal tubules.
Lobe (renal)
An anatomical unit of the kidney composed of the medullary pyramid and the overlying cortex.
Lobule (renal)
An anatomical subunit of a renal lobe that is centered on a single medullary ray.
Medullary rays
Collections of renal tubules coursing from the renal cortex to the medulla and centered around a collecting duct.
Ultrafiltration (renal)
The process by fluid and molecules selectively pass across the glomerular filtration barrier (plasma -> urine).  The ultrafiltrate is dependent on concentration gradients and hydrostatic blood pressure.


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