Chapter 12: Male Reproductive System


Please familiarize yourself with these keywords before you start reading the chapter:


Accessory Sex Glands
Glands that provide secretions that form the seminal plasma.
Ductus deferens
Long conduit that conveys spermatozoa to the urethra.
Efferent ductules
Tubules that connect the efferent ductules to the epididymis.
The coiled network of tubules that are responsible for sperm storage prior to ejaculation.
Leydig Cells
Cells within the interstitium between seminiferous tubules that produce testosterone.
Mesonephric ducts (Wolffian ducts)
Embryonic precursors to the male tubular genitalia.
Paramesonephric ducts (Muellarian ducts)
Embryonic precursors to the female tubular genitalia.
Seminiferous Tubules
The tubular structures in which spermatogenesis takes place.
Sertoli Cells
Cells within the seminiferous tubule that support spermatogenesis and form the blood-testes barrier.
The process in which immature germ cells turn into spermatozoa.
The process in which a spermatid is converted into a spermatozoa.
Rete testis
Tubules in the mediastinum testes that connect the seminiferous tubules to the efferent ductules.


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