Chapter 11: CG Production Companies

11.1 Introduction

The year 1987 marked a very critical time in the history of computer graphics and animation production. Rapid and major changes in technology, in some cases coupled with some questionable business practices, resulted in the demise of a number of major graphics production studios, including Robert Abel and Associates, Digital Productions, Omnibus, and Cranston/Csuri Productions (already discussed in Chapter 6). At the same time, the work of these companies had raised the bar for image quality, and the advertising, television promotion and film industries were beginning to realize the impact of this new medium. Concurrently with these changes, and in some cases as a result of them, the industry reorganized itself into a major contributor to the rapidly emerging image synthesis market.

This chapter highlights some of the companies that were born of this time of change. Most of these companies attracted the significant talent that was a major part of the success of the folded enterprises listed above.

  • ILM
  • Pixar
  • deGraf/Wahrman
  • Metrolight
  • Rez.n8
  • Rhythm & Hues
  • Kleiser Walczak
  • Kroyer Films
  • Sogitec
  • R/Greenberg
  • Lamb & Co.
  • Xaos
  • Blue Sky Studios